ISO Shaggy Dog, Part 18: Almost “Dogs”!

It's been a little over a month since I last chronicled the puppies' adventures, primarily because I ran out of steam. (Puppies are tiring!) However, Archie and Daisy will soon turn from puppies into dogs and [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog, Part 17: The Best Valentine’s Gift Ever

I'm lucky in that both of my parents and my stepmom are huge animal lovers, so they've always treated my furry kids just like their human grandkids (well practically ... they don't get money at [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog, Part 16: Driving Miss Daisy to the Groomer

The pups were separated today for the first time since we got them. Daisy went to the groomer to tame her snarled and matted hair, while Archie stayed home alone with me. While I was [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog: Part 15, Milestones in Puppy Life!

If I had a "puppy book," I would record this milestone in it. Archie lifted his leg while peeing for the first time yesterday. Granted, it was purely for convenience--he was so close to a [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog: Part 14, Rain and a Bad Mani

The past two days, I can not imagine how Noah managed two of every species on his ark. I have struggled with just a male and female dog on mine. This unrelenting rain has meant [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog: Part 13, First Day of School

Last night was our first Puppy Socialization class. I've been waiting for this day for an entire month, and when it finally arrived, I was pretty nervous. Would our puppies behave? Would they get along [...]