ISO Shaggy Dog: Part Six: Chewing, Cats and SNOW!!

I had written the post below for today. However, given the weather we woke up to, of course I have to begin with a little commentary on Archie and Daisy’s first experience in the snow. [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog: Part Five: Prisoners of Puppy Love

Back home, Don, Archie and Daisy went to my office—where the pups would live for a while—to put the crate together while I took care of some things upstairs. When I returned to see how [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog: Two Are Better Than One!

While Don went to the ATM to get more cash for the second pup, I began to shop for all the puppy paraphernalia we’d need: collars, harnesses, leashes, toys, tags, treats, food, a crate and [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog: Will We Make the Cut?

Once we submitted our application to MomsVA, I hesitantly told people we were thinking about a puppy. However, I managed expectations (mine and theirs) by mentioning that there were lots of other people interested and [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog: Puppy Love?

For the next several weeks, we were hot on the trail of a new rescue dog. Almost every morning, before we even got out of bed, Don would pull up Petfinder on his iPad, and [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog

We lost our sweet, 14-year-old girl, Ava Marie, in October. Three years before that, we had lost her brother, Alfie (AKA Alfalfa Sprout). While our cat, Sammy, was doing his best to fill the hole [...]