ISO Shaggy Dog, Part 12: Snow Day! Let’s Play!

I wanted this next post to be about Puppy Socialization class, but Archie and Daisy’s school was closed just like all the others' kids' schools across the city. On their day off from school, our [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog, Part 11: Must Love Dogs

Don is a “cat person,” and I am a “dog person.” When we moved in together, I had two dogs and a cat, who I loved wholeheartedly but who definitely played third fiddle to my [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog: Part 10, Free (Chewed) Advertising

In a previous post, I mentioned that Archie likes to jump on my desk when I’ve left them alone for a couple of minutes (about five seconds is really all it takes) and has succeeded [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog: Part Nine, It’s a Dog’s Life

The other night when the pups woke me at about 3 a.m. to go out (only the second time in almost three weeks that nature has called in the middle of the night, thank goodness), [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog: Part Eight, OMG, Really?!

I’ve always wanted to say, “the dog ate my homework,” but I’ve never had dogs who ate really anything but food (sometimes out of the trashcan or off the counter, but food just the same). [...]

ISO Shaggy Dog: Part Seven: The Highlights

Each day I’ve been trying to keep notes on all the amusing things these munchkins are doing and what I'm learning about them. As you can imagine, the list is endless! Here are a few [...]