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Barkley, a five-year-old lab/hound mix, completed his training to become a therapy dog and went to work with his mom, Kathleen, who is an RN at Tucker Pavilion at CJW Medical Center. Thanks to his gentle and empathetic nature, the dog was extremely effective in reaching patients with mental illnesses ranging from depression to psychosis, patients whom the staff often couldn’t even reach.

However, just five weeks into his new role, Barkley was diagnosed with liposarcoma in his left rear leg. His prognosis was good if the leg was amputated. In fact, the tumor might never come back, and Barkley could live to a ripe, old age.

Says Kathleen, “Barkley is my best friend and a beloved member of our family and I will do anything to save his life.” However, she simply couldn’t afford the diagnostics, MRI and surgery at the staggering cost of $7,000!

Kathleen reached out to FETCH a Cure to help fund Barkley’s treatment. Not only does FETCH a Cure raise pet cancer awareness and provide education for pet owners and the veterinary community, but through its Companions in Crisis program, the organization also helps fund lifesaving cancer treatments for pets throughout Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

After the complex amputation surgery, Barkley was up and walking the next day. And it wasn’t long before he was again by his mom’s side at Tucker Pavilion and brightening countless patients’ days.

Help make cancer treatment a more affordable option for pet owners by volunteering or donating to FETCH a Cure.