Each day I’ve been trying to keep notes on all the amusing things these munchkins are doing and what I’m learning about them. As you can imagine, the list is endless! Here are a few highlights:

  • Archie is lazy and doesn’t go to the water bowl as often as Daisy. Instead he just licks the water off his sister’s wet face after she drinks!
  • Daisy has very fine, fluffy hair that picks up everything. When we first got the two of them, the ground was covered with leaves and so were Daisy’s legs. All the time! The last two days have been a little better in that respect, but I’ll take leaves on the carpet (a whole pile of them!) over house training dogs in the snow any day of the week!!
  • Archie doesn’t like snow on his paws. I swore no dog of mine would ever wear boots, or sweaters for that matter. I’ve eaten my words and bought both for these two. Archie hates the boots; he thinks they’re a toy and tries to chew them off. (I guess they’ll be going back!)
  • When we first figured out that we could watch the pups through our security camera, they were play fighting in the crate. Don used the talk feature to tell them to “Behave!” They both sat at attention like two little soldiers! I made Don go downstairs and give them a treat for being so good.
  • When sleeping, Archie must always be lying on top of Daisy. Sometimes she gets annoyed with him and moves elsewhere, but she generally humors him. However, Daisy never initiates the snuggling.
  • When they’re on a leash and get excited, the two of them both hop on their back legs just like two little bears.
  • They both are very curious about the other when they are going potty. So curious that Archie just almost peed on Daisy’s head!
  • Daisy has little black lips that look like they are turned up in a smile all the time. She is a very sweet, old soul, very much like our dog Ava, who passed away in October. Also just like Ava, she adores Don.
  • From his crooked ears all the way to the little white tip of his tail, Archie is all boy and all trouble! But he’s also a lover and is definitely a Mama’s boy.

While waiting for our last potty break of the evening last night, I cuddled the two of them on the couch in my office. They fell fast asleep on my lap, warmly curled around each other and inside my arms. It’s moments like these that make all the accidents, frustration and exhaustion worth it!

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