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Keeping Creativity Alive as Long as You Are

Keeping Creativity Alive as Long as You Are I’ve worked in and with ad agencies for much of my career, and truth be told, you just don’t see a lot of gray heads in those [...]

Love Notes

Love Notes Recently, I stumbled upon two cards. One was from my father’s mother, dated 1983, the year she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. The “Thank You” card (Granny was always a stickler for sending [...]

Sylvester was a weird kid

Sylvester was a weird kid (fiction) Sylvester wasn’t weird like other kids in Joey’s class, the ones who were really quiet or the ones who lit fires in the back of the school. Sylvester was [...]

It’s not all about you!

It's not all about you! When you write sales or marketing for your company, the natural tendency is, of course, to talk about yourself. Whether it’s a brochure, website, blog or even talking points for [...]

Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality You can become rich, you can become a blonde, you can even become a Republican, but the fact is you just can’t “become” a Southerner. Pretty much you are or you aren’t, and [...]