At WordPlay, we have fun with words. No doubt about it. But while we’re playing around with rhythm and flow, metaphor and meaning, every single one of the words we choose when writing a website, brochure or email has a very big job to do: win customers.

Content that works this hard, in turn, requires a lot of work upfront. Not only does WordPlay take the time to learn about the business we’re marketing, but we also dig into that business’s competition and, even more importantly, get to know its prospective customers. By understanding those customers’ wants and needs, struggles and aspirations, we can turn the empty features touted by most companies into powerful benefits that engage customers, forge connections with them, and motivate them to action.


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“S”ince 2007, Terri Jones Kendrick, copywriter and owner of WordPlay, has written content for businesses, ranging from brownie bakers to real estate brokers, plus nonprofits and magazines. WordPlay also has partnerships with marketing strategists, graphic designers, web developers, videographers, photographers, and SEO experts to make the marketing process easy and seamless for our clients.

Terri has also volunteered her time with nonprofits, including UMFS and FETCH-a-Cure, and is a former member of the board of VET Fund.

Photo by Kim Brundage Photography