In a previous post, I mentioned that Archie likes to jump on my desk when I’ve left them alone for a couple of minutes (about five seconds is really all it takes) and has succeeded in pulling off EVERYTHING that was made of paper. He then joins forces with Daisy to chew and shred the paper product by the time I return.

Well, yesterday morning, as you’ve probably guessed, they chose my business cards as their prey. When I went to get coffee, there was not a single piece of paper left on my desk. I’ve even been moving my chair off to the side so Archie doesn’t have easy access. However, the rascals discovered that they could use my chair, which was next to my credenza, to get their mouths on my business cards, a whole bunch them. Luckily, by the time I got to them, they had only actually chewed up one of them.

Enough already about all the problems! These pups are also super-smart and catching onto everything very quickly. All I have to do to get them in the crate is say “crate” and hit the wire crate with my hand. (OK, and maybe have some treats in my hand while doing it.) They come running into the crate; Archie always on the left and Daisy always on the right. Daisy will even leap over him within the confines of the crate to get to her place.

They also sit on command and allow me to pick up their food and sit obediently and wait, with their little tongues darting quickly in and out, for me to put the bowl back down. We start Puppy Socialization class on Wednesday and I’m pretty sure they’ll be star pupils!

Archie also instinctively seems to understand the game of fetch. If I throw a toy for him, he’ll pick it up and bring it back dropping it at my feet. Daisy, on the other hand, just keeps it. He seems eager to please me; she seems eager to have me please her.

Every morning, we have a minute or two of what I call “Puppy Snuggles.” I put Daisy in my lap and Archie, the jealous one, will come running and edge his way into my lap too. Archie is the licker of the two. I get a complete face washing several times a day from him. But this morning, Daisy must’ve decided that I tasted like the steak Don cooked for us last night and she licked my neck (only the right side) completely clean, while Archie took care of my nose.  Joy!