Noah Scalin, artist, author and creator of the Skull-A-Day project (the inspiration for #SpreadtheGoodwill)
“Art on Wheels has been doing amazing hands-on work bringing art to communities that desperately need it for over a decade. I actually recently became a board member because of how impressed I was with how much this scrappy little organization was able to accomplish.

Barbara was struggling with chronic illness, which had impacted her life both physically and emotionally. That’s when she picked up a paintbrush and started creating art with Art on Wheels.

Art on Wheels brings art, which has been proven to relieve stress, provide cognitive engagement and increase self-confidence, to communities with limited access to the arts. That includes not only the chronically ill, but also the elderly and the disabled. The nonprofit also offers community art opportunities to the general public at local fairs, festivals, public events and corporations.

Painting was a transformative experience for Barbara. Once she took her first class five years ago, Barbara hasn’t missed a single class since then. In turn, the bold, vividly colored paintings that she creates have a positive effect on anyone who views them.

“Without Art on Wheels I never would have discovered that painting needed to be part of my life,” says the artist. “The program is helping me deal with new health issues and problems, and for that, I am very, very grateful.”

Help bring art programming to communities with limited access to the arts by volunteering or donating today to Art on Wheels!