I wanted this next post to be about Puppy Socialization class, but Archie and Daisy’s school was closed just like all the others’ kids’ schools across the city. On their day off from school, our pups–also like all the other kids–played in the snow, which essentially means shoving their entire heads into the white stuff to find a scent and coming out with blonde faces completely covered in icy crystals.

Fortunately, this snow didn’t cause as much trouble as the one two weeks ago. The pups weren’t as tentative about going out in it and did their business, pretty much without incident (or at least without accident). But I can’t tell you how many times I toweled snow balls off Daisy’s legs. Thankfully, they both don’t have that fine, fluffy hair in which everything gets hopelessly snarled!

Another exciting thing that’s happened since my last writing is Daisy lost two teeth. She’s definitely lost a lot more than that; in fact, she’s still missing her too front teeth (so cute!). But these are the first teeth that I’ve actually found … and kept. Who knows? Maybe there’s a doggie tooth fairy. After losing the second one, I noticed a little blood on the corner of the dog bed she was chewing. I, of course, freaked! The vet assured me that it was perfectly normal.

As I’ve mentioned before, Daisy is very much partial to Don and immediately cuddles up to him when he sits on the couch in my office (which has become simply a raised frame to hold their dog beds after I had to remove the actual cushion because they had begun shredding it. In their defense, Ava had started the ripping process.) With me, Daisy always goes to the far end of the couch or jumps in her chair unless I pick her up and put her in my lap.

Well, last night, when we were having Puppy Snuggle time, they started to fall asleep and I laid my head down beside Archie’s. Daisy rested her head on top of mine, just like Archie does with her in the crate. Both of them were breathing their warm puppy breath in my face and I felt like I was part of puppy pile. It didn’t last long, but I loved it!

This week, the pups turned five months. In the four weeks that we’ve had them, they’ve grown (not sure exactly how much but everyone says they look bigger) and become more acclimated to their crate and better at walking on a leash. Archie isn’t jumping on my desk anymore or crying when I walk Daisy by herself (can’t say the same for the girl child), and we’ve gone at least eight or nine days (I’ve actually lost count) without an accident! Best part, every day gets easier and easier for Mommy. Now that’s the milestone I’ve been living for.