Stock photo by Samantha Qeja on Unsplash 

Whitney White, Senior Project Manager at JMI marketing and communications firm
“What’s amazing to me about MEGA Mentors is, simply put, they make the time. When the corporate world already has such high demands on time, energy and resources, these business leaders still make time for what’s important, which is being a light to underrepresented students.” 

Desiree, who had just transitioned from middle school to high school, wasn’t adjusting well. On the outside, the new ninth grader was angry and apathetic. She seldom even smiled. On the inside, she was lacking in self-confidence.

MEGA Mentors, which provides meaningful learning experiences and builds life skills in African American and other underrepresented Chesterfield County Public School students, sent a group of dedicated professional mentors into the school to work with Desiree. The mentors, each of whom commits to spending two hours a month with students, initially focused on teaching the young woman about respect, responsibility, effort and achievement. Then, through a series of facilitated workshops and experiential learning experiences, the mentors worked to expand Desiree’s perspectives – personally, professionally and socially.

The ninth grader eagerly embraced this support. Desiree quickly became more focused, disciplined and results-oriented. She joined the cheering squad and was also recognized as MEGA Mentor’s “Student of the Year”! And these inner changes were apparent to everyone around her by the brilliant smile, which once again on her face.

“Thank you for the inspirational speech today at my high school,” Desiree told MEGA Mentors. “It really touched me and really opened my eyes!”

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