Shannon Ferrara, Medical Esthetician, Virginia Ear, Nose and Throat
“I support MHP because they help and advocate for families like mine. Our kids don’t come with a manual and sometimes it can be so overwhelming and isolating to say the least. I can’t tell you how life-changing it is to have an advocate like MHP available to help when you need it.”

Nine-year-old Bradley, who has autism, was overwhelmed by all the sensory distractions in his classroom—the pictures on the bulletin board, the sound of a lawnmower outside, the smell of lunch cooking in the cafeteria. These distractions were causing the student to have explosive outbursts in class, and the school suspended him over and over again. Not only did these suspensions cost Bradley valuable instructional time, but they also cost his parents time off from work, which they simply couldn’t afford.

The coordinators of Medical Home Plus (MHP), who are parents of children with special health care needs themselves, helped Bradley’s parents navigate the complex process involved with IEP (Individualized Education Program), a document that is developed for each public school child who needs special education. They explained the process to his family, accompanied them to the IEP meeting for support, and advised them as to how to most effectively work with his IEP team to finalize that important document. Because they had personally been down this road countless times before, they understood this family’s needs, could relate to their frustrations and always knew the best course to take.

As a result of the IEP process, Bradley was able to move to a new school that was better able to handle his behavioral needs. The result is a student who is happier, making better grades, and on his way to realizing his full potential.

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