Only six out of the 10 puppies pictured. Click the arrow on the right side of the photo to see the puppies today.

Karen Callihan, Program Manager, FAA Center of Excellence for Technical Training and Human Performance
“My 9-year-old daughter desperately wanted to volunteer with an animal rescue organization; however, our Google searches only resulted in disappointment until we found MomsVA. Catie loves volunteering for MomsVA; the experience has given her an opportunity to contribute and I’ve been surprised at how it’s changed her.”

A driver saw a small, cream and white terrier dumped from a moving car. She hurried to where the dog lay on the side of the road and found that the dog was pregnant. The rescuer, fearing the worst, took the dog to the vet. Thankfully, the soon-to-be mom was unhurt, and a liaison connected the vet to MomsVA (Making of Miracle Stories), a dog rescue organization, to take the dog in until her puppies were born.

The founder of MomsVA personally fostered the abandoned dog, whom she named Tara, until the 25-pound mom gave birth to 11 adorable puppies (unfortunately, only 10 of the litter survived). All 10 were placed into loving foster homes, at least two per home, where they were socialized and began the process of housetraining. This is a distinct benefit over other rescue organizations, which house their dogs in kennels where they have little interaction with people and aren’t able to adjust to living in a house.

In early December, when the five boy and five girl puppies were 15 weeks old, MomsVA began advertising their sweet faces on Petfinder. All it took was one pet stand—where there was no shortage of eager arms to cuddle the fluff balls—for the entire litter to have adoption applications.

By the Christmas holidays last year, all the puppies and their mom were settled in their forever homes and making their new families’ holidays a whole lot brighter!

Help find loving families for abandoned dogs by volunteering or donating to MomsVA today!