Craig Evans, Singer and Bass Player in The Taters
“I love what they do, and that they are very much a rubber-hits-the-road project. You can go to the restaurant and see the work they are doing, see some of the results. …The Taters, as well as other musicians in town, regularly donate performances for some of their fundraisers. Garth and all of his people are a real inspiration to what can be accomplished.”

Several months after Josh completed the training program at the Positive Vibe Café, his mom called the executive director in tears. But she wasn’t upset. Instead she was overjoyed to watch her 24-year-old son, who has developmental difficulties, walk into a convenience store and buy a drink on his own … for the very first time in his life. This seemingly small step was a major leap forward in the young man’s confidence.

The Positive Vibe Foundation offers hands-on training in food services—everything from bussing a table to handling kitchen utensils—to individuals with physical and developmental difficulties. While enjoying a delicious meal, diners at the Café are not only giving trainees a chance to put their new skills to work, but also financially supporting this important training.

Some graduates of the program go on to work at the Café fulltime; others find jobs in different restaurants, grocery stores or other places of business. But perhaps the program’s greatest benefit is how it helps build self-esteem, conquers fears, and gives participants opportunities they and their families never thought possible.

For years, Josh went straight to his room and watched TV every day after school. After completing the Positive Vibe training program, his mom reported that he was much more sociable, even chatting with people in the neighborhood. The Positive Vibe training program helps prepare people with disabilities for not only the working world but also the much larger world in which they live.

Help prepare individuals with disabilities for the world by volunteering or donating to the Positive Vibe Café.