“Transforming Perspectives,” a mural designed by local artist Colleen Phelon Hall and painted on the side of the Senior Connections building by more than 500 members of the community, highlights the positive and transformative aspects of aging. Partners: Senior Connections, Genworth, Age Wave and Colleen Phelon Hall

Trina Willard, owner and principal at Knowledge Advisory Group
“Senior Connections is a rich gem that provides a wide array of services to seniors and their caregivers in Richmond and its surrounding counties. Whenever a friend expresses concerns or needs regarding an older parent, neighbor or family member, I always point them to the team at Senior Connections for information and support.”

Mrs. Johnson was in very poor health and in the hospital being treated for diabetes. Because her children lived out of state and couldn’t provide full-time care, they’d decided that their mom needed to transition to a nursing home once she was discharged. They contacted Senior Connections, The Capital Area Agency on Agency, to determine their mother’s needs and help her find the right facility.

Senior Connections’ primary goal is for older adults to maintain their independence in their homes and communities, preventing or delaying more costly services, such as nursing home care, assisted living and repeat hospital admissions. After determining that Mrs. Johnson not only had complex health requirements but also many other needs, Senior Connections arranged for their client to receive a host of the agency’s services, including transportation, home-delivered meals, and Medicare counseling and Medicaid enrollment. Seniors Connections also helped Mrs. Johnson more efficiently manage her money so that she could remain in her home.

Thanks to Senior Connections, Mrs. Johnson is still where she wants to be six months after her hospital discharge—in the comfort of her own home. Her health and mobility have improved, along with her financial stability. She is also leveraging community services more effectively, and her family is providing enhanced assistance.

“I thought my life was over. Now I am happy every day,” notes Mrs. Johnson. “I am not isolated, and my health is much better. I am stronger than ever …”

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