Lisa Schaffner, UNOS PR and Marketing Director and former news anchor
“The Relationship Foundation of Virginia reminds me how important relationships are in my life, and they require work and attention. The organization provides educational opportunities where I not only learn something, but I have fun. That’s a win-win!”

Every morning, Anson gets up, drives his oldest daughter to work, makes sure his younger daughter gets to school and works a full-time job. He also takes care of his wife, who is legally blind from complications from diabetes. Anson always puts his family’s needs over his own … as evidenced by the holes in some of his shirts!

Anson is a hardworking dad who never expected to be recognized for doing what he believed was right: taking care of his family. However, his wife thought differently. Last year, she nominated him to be recognized by FATHER Christmas, a program of  the Relationship Foundation of Virginia (RFVA). RFVA is dedicated to building healthy relationships and families in our community.

Since 2015, RFVA has honored 75 dads with an extravagant lunch at The Jefferson Hotel and a $100 gift card to make their holidays a little brighter.

Anson’s wife hoped her husband would spend the gift card on himself. True to form, the selfless dad replied, “I’ll still spend it on them!”

Help build relationships, a fundamental element of our community by volunteering or donating to the Relationship Foundation of Virginia today!