The pups were separated today for the first time since we got them. Daisy went to the groomer to tame her snarled and matted hair, while Archie stayed home alone with me. While I was most worried about Daisy, I think it’s safe to say that Archie might have taken it the hardest. Poor guy!

When we adopted the litter mates, the rescue organization recommended that we separate them as much as possible to keep them from bonding with each other over bonding with us. Don and I walk them together first thing in the morning, but I also walk them separately two more times each day. And when I take Archie out for his lone walks, Daisy literally wails, but he sleeps when it’s her turn.

Naturally, I thought Daisy would be pretty inconsolable when I took her away from her brother today. And she did cry–a sad, plaintive whine–the entire drive (20 minutes) to the groomer. However, once we were there, my brave little fluff ball was fine to go inside and wasn’t at all reluctant about being handed off to a stranger. Alrighty then!

Archie, on the other hand, changed from his usual Jack Russell-ish jumping bean self without his sidekick to a very low-key (he even let the cat sniff his butt!), sleepy pup. When I crated him, he cried and refused to relax. As a result, he had virtually no crate time this morning, but it was ok. He was so calm and well-behaved outside the crate that I could actually focus on my work without worrying about what was chewing or pulling out of the trash while I wasn’t watching.

I almost didn’t recognize Daisy when I retrieved her a few hours ago. The groomer had trimmed her bangs, so that now I can see her pretty eyes, and turned her unruly dreadlocks into a perfectly groomed, fluffy white mane. But her little legs are sadly full of bald patches where they couldn’t brush out the mats and were forced to clip spots instead. Guess I’ll be finding a better slicker brush tomorrow.

When we came in the house, Archie, who hadn’t relaxed past an alert sit in the crate (we have a camera, remember?), went berserk when he saw his sister. Daisy flew to greet him through the crate bars. The reunion was so sweet … but tiring. They’re now huddled together in the crate napping. It’s dog business as usual again!