I’m lucky in that both of my parents and my stepmom are huge animal lovers, so they’ve always treated my furry kids just like their human grandkids (well practically … they don’t get money at Christmastime!).

This weekend, my dad and stepmom paid us a long-awaited visit from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and met their newest grandchildren, Archie and Daisy, for the very first time. They immediately stepped in to help me walk them. On the first walk, my dad said he felt like he was in Alaska being pulled by sled dogs. (He was only walking Archie!)

Then Daddy and Linda wanted to sleep with the pups. As you can probably tell from my posts, these pups are not ready to be left unattended anywhere yet. Don and I laughed thinking about the pups emptying their suitcases all over the floor, shredding everything in the trashcan and have a good ole time with magazines, glasses, and anything left on the nightstand. My office is puppy-proofed. Our spare bedroom, not so much!

On one of our many walks throughout the weekend, I let Linda harness Daisy. When we got back, I realized that she had never actually clicked the harness buckle and it was being held on by the leash alone. Thankfully, that was enough! I took over harness duty the rest of the time but gladly turned over a leash to one of them whenever they wanted to join me. Don walks Daisy with me and Archie every morning, but I’m otherwise mainly on my own. It was such a nice treat to have a built-in helper!

We also had to make the requisite shopping trip while they were here to get the grandkids gifts. The loot from our trip included a chew stick, a rubber football and a new weighted water bowl with hearts on it. Their new toys were a big hit, but just like all their other toys, they lost interest pretty quickly, especially if they thought they could get a bully stick instead.

Over the weekend, we had lots of puppy snuggle time (Archie and Daisy adored all the attention!). My dad kept insisting he could dog sit for us when Don and I go on vacation in about six weeks. The problem is the dogs get up at 6 am … and my dad gets up at 11 am! hmmmm

When the grands left on Monday, the pups kept looking for them and waiting for them to come back in the door. We can’t wait for your next visit, MiMi and PawPaw!