It’s been a little over a month since I last chronicled the puppies’ adventures, primarily because I ran out of steam. (Puppies are tiring!) However, Archie and Daisy will soon turn from puppies into dogs and I’d like a record–a Puppy Book, if you will–of how they got there. So, here’s the latest in that journey …

This morning, while I was in my office checking email and  they were play-fighting in the hallway, I heard a crash, followed by the two of them scampering into the office. I looked up and saw the iron coat tree, which held no less than 10 coats, four hats and three purses, on its side in the hallway. Coats and whatnot everywhere! (That’s what happens when you leave treats in your jacket pockets, Mom!) No one was hurt, although Daisy seemed contrite and maybe a little embarrassed, immediately retreating to a distant corner of the couch and awaiting her fate. Archie simply curled up on the pile of coats on the floor!

Since my last writing, we’ve also started letting the puppies come upstairs with us. It’s like a field trip–they run around like mad, sniff everything, jump on the couch and Don’s recliner, counter-surf. But they are always happy to go back downstairs (sometimes they even go on their own) to the security of their real “home,” where there are toys, treats and wall-to-wall carpeting!

The puppies are also almost finished with Obedience School at 2SpeakDog (two more weeks!). They’re not exactly what I’d call obedient yet, but they do know “sit,” “down,” and “wait” and aren’t as wild when they encounter another dog or person on a walk (and we know how to handle it now), sit at cross-walks (waiting for a treat), and with the help of their Easy Walk harnesses walk pretty much beside us. Unless there’s a good scent up ahead!

Monday will be their seven-month birthday. Archie and Daisy now weigh 20 and 21 lbs. respectively, have all their permanent teeth, sleep through the night, are house-trained (knock on wood), and are getting along better with brother, Sammy (but obviously not as good at posing for pictures as they used to be!). Every day life with these furry kids keeps getting little easier and a whole lot better!